8,000 Token Giveaway

Alan Teitel — 8000 Token Giveaway
8000 Token Giveaway

In recognition of the amazing response received from the community, TWO TWO is celebrating with the launch of Emmy Award Winner Alan Teitel’s works, Viral Match and Arrow.

Along with the launch, we are offering a promotional giveaway of our X22 tokens.

Following our IDO and our token unlock, a total of 8,000 X22 tokens will be given away as follows:

  • 1,000 tokens will be sent to each of the 3 highest successful bidders
  • 5,000 tokens will be shared equally between all buyers of Viral Match and Arrow that spend more than 0.19 ETH per NFT

The number of NFTs are restricted, but the distribution will go to the wallet holding the NFT simultaneously with the distribution. If you cannot secure one during the primary sale, watch the secondary market.

Alan is an Emmy Award-winning Cinematographer and compulsive observer of the world around us. He has developed a substantial following as videos from his library of work have gone viral and viewed over half a billion times online. His UltraSlo channel was the first slow-motion channel on YouTube that was in the top 20 science and technology channels.

Burning match
Still Image of the Viral Match

For Viral Match, the match was quickly lit and burned for 2.5 seconds while being captured at 4,000 frames per second. When you play that back at a normal 30 frames per second the clip plays for 5 minutes.

In a documentary, Alan would use maybe 4 or 5 seconds of the shot and you would never have a chance to be captivated by the whole event. The original with several digital interpretations are now available for you to own.

Arrow piercing through a ballon
Still Image of the Arrow

For Arrow, the UltraSlo technique was used to capture the moment an arrow sliced through a red balloon filled with water. Here Alan allows you to see the interplay between the flight of the arrow, the explosion of the balloon, and the subsequent movement of water through the air.

Alan Teitel. UltraSlo Video as Extreme Art . . . Art without boundaries

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