Empowering Extreme Art™ & The Community

TWO TWO empowers Extreme Art™ and puts it in the hands of the community. The most imaginative producers of Extreme Art™ are imprisoned by elitist art galleries that limit visionary exposure. The most innovative emerging artists often remain completely unknown as galleries stifle. access to control market pricing. The art world has not changed since 1863 when the Salon rejected Édouard Manet, Camille Pissarro, and more simply because their art was not to the taste of the more conventional ruling classes. Extreme Artists™ are shunned as they are a threat to the establishment because they produce socially conscious and culturally relevant work that reimagines the role of art in society.

TWO TWO is more than a gallery. TWO TWO is more than a Salon des Refusés. It is a revolutionary movement that defies all conventions and promulgates direct interaction of Extreme Art™ and the global community. TWO TWO transcends all boundaries by eliminating the walls that imprison Extreme Art™ and defiantly delivers it, raw and unapologetically, directly to YOU!

Do you want to defy convention and take back creative control by the Elitist Art Industry? Join the global community that destroys all boundaries and demands direct access to the most irreverent and innovative Extreme Art™ . From NFTs to Bear Bricks, from original paintings to actual graffiti pieces of the Berlin Wall, TWO TWO delivers a cohesive immersion into the artistic imagination.

Warhol and Banksy have unfettered visibility in the high brow, established gallery and auction stratosphere. But who will be the next Warhol or Banksy? Who is the next provocateur whose spray paint changes EVERYTHING! Who decides the next known unknown? The answer can be found with the omnipotent juxtaposition of “what is” and “what should, should be.” It IS profiteers. It SHOULD BE, you!

Turn what “should be,” into “what is!” How? Join the flourishing global community that is galvanized by TWO TWO. “The revolution will not be televised!” Participation or indifference is determined by the answer to a simple question . . . are you EXTREME?

TWO TWO recognizes early adopters and supporters of the Extreme Art movement and those that believe in its relevancy and demand access. Use social media to release the message. Do it now and prove it. Shout it from the rooftops.

Are you ordinary or are you Extreme enough to proudly join the revolution and announce it to the world? BE LOUD. BE DEFIANT. BE EXTREME.

Extreme Art. Art without boundaries.

Register and Safelist with us now.

Early influencers and supporters of the Extreme Art™ movement have even greater opportunities at TWO TWO. Register on our website and fill in our Safelist form to receive regular updates and have the chance to randomly win free NFTs, obtain invitations to private drops, and have a chance to meet and collaborate with Extreme Artists™.


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