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Burton Morris Artwork Article
Burton Morris — World Renowned Artist

Born in 1964 and sharing his birthplace with Andy Warhol, is the internationally acclaimed pop artist, Burton Morris.

Reminiscent of cartoon and comic book art, Burton’s vivid, bold outlines mark his distinctive style, with a strong emphasis on primary colors and simplified forms. Morris’s attention to detail is painstakingly precise, yet never at the expense of imagination. Curators, art dealers and critics alike have admired his industry.

Best known for his graphic depictions of popular culture, Burton’s passion for art began when he was only three years old. After suffering an accident that broke his femur bone, Burton remained confined to his bed for several months. Fortunately, young Burton found great solace in painting and art during this period of isolation.

Today, Burton’s playful and morale boosting artworks are marked by the same childlike simplicity that sparks the imagination.

His works have been exhibited at galleries all across the world, earning him a global reputation as an artist of exceptional talent. Collectors of his art include notable icons Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey and former President Barack Obama.

Additionally, his artwork has been featured on over fifty episodes of the hit TV sitcom, ‘Friends’. His vibrant pieces were a natural fit for the lively backdrop of the ‘Friends’ set.

Burton himself was intrigued with how his artwork was a perfect match for the show’s personality. The ‘Friends’ cast couldn’t agree more to the point where most of them acquired pieces of his work!

Today, Burton Morris is one of the most influential artists of his genre. His work resonates with fans of all ages and is known to have such vibrant energy that it pops right off the canvas.

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