TWO TWO Breaks Down Another Perceived Boundary. Extreme Art Meets UltraSlo NFTs

TWO TWO welcomes Alan Teitel. A six-time Emmy Nominee and two-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker. Alan changed the way visual content is produced by developing new technologies that reinvent capture, process, and editing. He also developed both the helmet cam and the first slow-motion cameras for live replay in sports.

Alan recognized that both documentary and sports programming utilized a significant amount of slow-motion images that sadly left reels of content on the cutting room floor. This led to his creation of UltraSlo; a mind-blowing, granular video that offers an Extreme Perspective on the world as we know it.

An UltraSlo video of a single match burning received over 2M views in a few days on YouTube before going viral into the hundreds of millions on the internet. “I like to introduce people to the world the way I see it; a little differently. I am a compulsive observer that loves everything from silly to science,” Alan tells Stacey Maites, TWO TWO’s Co-Founder and Curator. He continues, “I have shared over a half-billion videos online and had 20 of the top 100 downloaded video ringtones ever for 3 years running during the start of video on phones. I have saved millions of dogs and dolphins over the years through bring awareness of their mistreatment that started no-kill shelters and dolphin-safe tuna fishing practices. I helped raise 10’s of millions of dollars to help runaway kids years ago in New York and South America.”

TWO TWO has exclusive access to Alan’s vast portfolio of video to mint as NFTs. “Extreme Art is not limited to spray paint,” according to Stacey. “Art that is innovative and revolutionary transcends any specific medium.”

TWO TWO and UltraSlo will be donating NFT profits to support Alan’s philanthropic passion. In response to inconsistent product and supply chain issues bringing in PPE, he is purchasing machinery to manufacture masks in the US. Additionally, Alan is working with material exclusively developed by Dow Chemical to produce premium performing masks and provide them to underserved communities and the world’s disenfranchised. His objective is to produce 1 Million Masks daily. “I looked at the suffering and death we had here from COVID19 and decided to leverage my connections in China to bring in vitally needed PPE.”

TWO TWO. UltraSlo NFT videos. Extreme Art . . . Art Without Boundaries

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