Splatter on our Graffiti Wall

TWO TWO Graffiti Wall Banner
TWO TWO Graffiti Wall Banner

Be the artist and earn rewards

Graffiti artists and Pigeons are part of the city. Love them or loathe them, their work can be seen splattered on walls and statues for all to see.

TWO TWO has put up a wall in the Metaverse for Pigeons to befoul. Some may call it bird poop, some may call it excretive art.

In the true spirit of the great graffiti artists, Banksy and King Robbo, your art is not safe from being enhanced or erased by other artists.

How it works

Step 1: Become part of the TWO TWO Pigeon Flight Club

In order to paint on the PFC Graffiti Wall, you must be part of the TWO TWO community and have a Pigeon. If you do not have one, head off to the Pigeon Flight Club where you can mint one. Currently, a 50% discount applies if you mint them using X22 tokens.

Step 2: Splatter the wall using pixels

Every day each Pigeon gets a set number of free pixels to paint on the wall with. If you do not use these pixels then you lose them, but they are reset every day.

If you wish to paint more there is the option to buy Pixel Packs for your Pigeon using X22 tokens.

Sneak Peek: The more pixels you paint the more Faction Points your Pigeon earns. This is going to play a role in the community soon.

As a technical point, even though the Pigeons live in Ethereum, Pixel Packs are bought on BSC. This has been done to effectively remove gas fees getting in the way of fun!

Step 3: Minting and selling PFC Graffiti NFTs

Every week TWO TWO will take a snapshot of the Graffiti Wall and mint an NFT. The proceeds of the NFT will be distributed to the Pigeon Flight Club. The rules of distribution will be published and amended from time-to-time but you must have a Pigeon to earn. Options include:

  • Equal distribution
  • Lottery distribution where each faction point is a ticket in the lottery
  • Full distribution to the Pigeon that pains the most

With time the Pigeons will be able to vote on distribution parameters.

But wait, there is more!

Before you flock off to befoul our pristine city, from time to time the TWO TWO will run competitions with bonus giveaways, and here is the first:

The first NFT that is minted with a clearly identifiable and valid Ethereum wallet address will receive 100 USDT.

It could be the first NFT or the hundredth… we will keep watching.

If there are 10 or less valid addresses the prize will be shared equally.

If there are 11 or more valid addresses the X22 Foundation will randomly choose 5 and distribute the prize between them.

Banksy-King Robbo Rules Apply: The wall is yours so the X22 foundation does not get involved in disputes if one Pigeon ruins another Pigeon’s work. You can sort your flock out in Discord!

For more information and to be kept up-to-date follow the Pigeons on social media:

Twitter | Discord | Website



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