The English Hotel Partners with TWO TWO for Co-Promotion of The Las Vegas Arts District

3 min readJan 18, 2022


The English Hotel and TWO TWO Partnership Banner
The English Hotel and TWO TWO Partnership Banner

The English Hotel, the world’s first property by Award Winning Celebrity Chef Todd English, is located next to the TWO TWO Gallery which is currently under construction. The two properties will join together to offer exclusive art, immersive technology, world-class dining, and entertainment. This relationship will enhance the visitor experiences to both properties, the Arts District and the City of Las Vegas.

The English Hotel will exhibit and offer for-sale digital art, one-of-a-kind apparel, and merchandise from the TWO TWO portfolio of artists. Conversely, TWO TWO will develop limited and exclusive NFTs that celebrate this new promotional partnership, and offer English Hotel packages and merchandise. Additionally, TWO TWO will curate content for the hotel’s five star restaurant, The Pepper Club.

TWO TWO digital artwork will be exhibited and sold as NFTs in strategic locations on the English Hotel property. There will also be an in-room, TWO TWO Channel that will further exhibit and offer NFTs and provide unique content, including information about art, crypto-currency news, and applicable entertainment.

William Todd English and TWO TWO CEO, Steven Meistrich

The English Hotel and TWO TWO are developing Privileged Perks, a continually evolving digital coupon book that will be provided as a free NFT as visitors check in to the hotel. It will offer discounts, complimentaries and entertainment throughout the Arts District promoting multiple events, projects, and vendors. Content, developed in conjunction with TWO TWO’s partner the Illusion Factory, will utilize its patented SIZZLE Technology to provide augmented reality throughout the hotel and gallery. Additionally, virtual experiences such as cooking with Todd English are currently in production. These moments will be immediate, transactional, and ripe for social network posting.

The English Hotel will offer a TWO TWO suite(s) with both physical and digital art. TWO TWO will commission its artists to create unique images, prints and NFTs exclusive to the suite(s).

TWO TWO and the English Hotel plan to connect TWO TWO’s music venue with the English Hotel Gardens to create mutual events to further solidify the Arts District as a significant Las Vegas destination.

“When I was first introduced to hotel owners Weina Zhang and Anna Olin and General Manager Steve Dennis,” says TWO TWO CEO and Co-Founder Steven Meistrich, “I found creative energy, solid business acumen, hospitality experience and most importantly, a group of lovely people that I’m proud to call neighbors.”

“We had many offers to place artwork in our property,” according to Ms. Zhang and re-iterated by Ms. Olin and Chef English, “TWO TWO is the partner we were waiting for.”

The English Hotel is scheduled to open on February 22, 2022, or more specifically, 02.22.2022. Kismet?

Check-in and enjoy a fabulous boutique hotel and experience art as never before. The TWO TWO Gallery is due to open shortly thereafter. Visit both properties and the Arts District for a peek at the latest and hottest destination of the Las Vegas experience.

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