The TWO TWO Extreme Art Video Collection

Joe Dean Psychedelic Artist Article
Joe Dean — Psychedelic Artist

Joe Dean is a psychedelic artist whose mind-bending video series serve as some of the most innovative collections ever sold as NFTs.

Exclusive, original and absolutely mind blowing, Joe’s experimental works comprise complex geometric forms, bizarrely shaped patterns, and baffling textures.

Artistically uncompromising, nothing seems ‘normal’ in Joe’s psychedelic artworks. His divinely complex art, profoundly expressed through video, has strange creatures floating around various dimensions, offering viewers a wild blend of Alice in Wonderland, David Lynch and David Bowie.

Joe’s psychedelic collections include original soundtracks from the Indie band, The Wrinkling Brothers, further adding perplexity and mystery to an already psychedelic clip.

As Joe’s artworks unfold the many layers to his creative insanity, Joe continues to impress viewers with mind-boggling depictions that dig deeper and deeper into his wild subconscious.

Joe Dean is a valued member of The Illusion Factory, an acclaimed creative agency that has managed over $7 Billion in marketing spend for multiple Forbes 500 businesses while securing 265 awards for its creative works.

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