TWO TWO: August In Review

3 min readSep 2, 2021


August Recap Banner Image
August Recap Banner Image

August has been a pivotal month for us and our community. It saw important partnerships with incredible companies and spectacular artists. Not only that, but our X22 tokens have made crucial progress.

Let’s start with artists we’ve signed!

New Artists Onboarded

In August alone, we’ve onboarded six outstanding artists whose distinct styles will diversify our growing selection of unique NFTs!

Let’s take a look at the artists we’ve acquired:

  • Burton Morris, the creative genius responsible for much of the iconic artworks shown in the hit TV sitcom, Friends!
  • Jill Berelowitz, one of London’s finest sculptors with over twenty-five years of experience sculpting stunning depictions of human anatomy.
  • Joe Dean, a mysterious psychedelic artist whose mind-bending NFT video series has left viewers speechless and stunned.
  • Mr. OneTeas, a French graffiti artist whose beautiful depictions gained worldwide acclaim for decorating streets and walls across the world.
  • Alder Crocker, an incredibly gifted artist with a neo-expressionist style who discovered his potential after a tragic accident left him paralyzed.
  • Xeme, a renegade Chinese artist whose artworks boldly challenge strict government authority. Xeme is a revolutionary with a message.

New Partnerships

Over the past month, we’ve solidified our position as a powerful influence in the NFT space with incredible partnerships.

Let’s take a look at the partnerships we’ve acquired:

Squares Capital

We’ve partnered with seasoned blockchain marketing advisory and visual content strategist, Squares Capital. With their vast expertise in the NFT space, we aim to offer our community breathtaking immersive experiences by turning real-world art into interactive animations for our physical gallery. Moreover, we’ll leverage their NFT augmentation know-how to create one-of-a-kind NFTs exclusive to TWO TWO.


We’ve signed an agreement to sell exclusive NFTs on the OKEx global exchange platform, vastly expanding our NFT coverage by tapping into the Chinese market. This partnership will not only include the listing of TWO TWO NFTs, but also their joint promotion.

Maune Contemporary

We’ve teamed up with Maune Contemporary, a sanctuary for some of the most talented artists in the world. By aligning our resources and working alongside their network of artists and creative talents, we aim to secure stunning art for our immersive gallery and NFTs for our virtual community.

X22 Developments

On the token side of things, here’s what’s happened in August:

  • We’ve integrated FerrumNetwork’s bridge to facilitate rapid, cost-effective swaps between different blockchains.
  • Our ERC20 X22 Hosted Nodes stand at a 234% APY while our BEP20 X22 Hosted Nodes are at a 175% APY.
  • Our Uniswap LP Provision stands at a 1640% APY with $200K worth of liquidity in TrustSwap.
  • Our PancakeSwap LP provision stands at a 585% APY with 200K worth of liquidity in TrustSwap.

Coming Soon!

While we’re extremely proud of all the progress we’ve made, this is only the beginning.

Here’s what’s coming next!

  • TWO TWO Gallery Grand Opening Inside of Resorts World by Genting
  • V3 Liquidity Provision for Artist Loans
  • V4 Lottery for NFTs
  • New Partnerships in progress
  • Onboarding new artists
  • Monthly X22 token airdrops

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