TWO TWO Forms Strategic Partnership with De-Fi NFT Platform, THEOS

TWO TWO and Theos Partnership Banner
TWO TWO and Theos Partnership Banner

TWO TWO partners with THEOS, the latest De-Fi NFT trading platform to emerge which uniquely provides its community with instant liquidity and price discovery features.

THEOS and TWO TWO have a shared passion for empowering NFT artists and the communities that support them. TWO TWO believes that THEOS provides the market with a secure and feature-rich platform that enhances the NFT trading experience in new and innovative ways.

Equally, TWO TWO’s listing of Exclusive NFTs on the THEOS platform marks an important milestone on its journey to bring Extreme Art to a global community.


THEOS is a decentralized, environmentally-friendly NFT ecosystem that offers users a confident NFT trading experience. Users will be able to leverage smart contracts to get instant liquidity and still maintain ownership without depreciating their digital assets.

As THEOS launches its offering, TWO TWO will support its commitment to backing artistic talent by providing worthy NFTs valuable exposure to a community that demands them.

Users on the other hand will trade NFTs with confidence in an interactive and secure environment that is hosted on THEOS’ intuitive platform.


With its physical gallery in Resorts World by Genting in Las Vegas, TWO TWO is quickly solidifying its position as a credible, authoritative influence in the NFT space.

With its passion for Extreme Art and expertise in NFT distribution, TWO TWO is a lucrative partner that provides valuable exposure to the newest and most exciting blockchain episode, the NFT space.

TWO TWO Co-founder and De-Fi veteran Avron Goss had this to say,

THEOS’ vision for what every NFT experience should be directly overlapped with TWO TWO’s perspective. THEOS offers innovative features that provide the market with access to liquidity in a never-before-seen way. I strongly advise our community to keep their eyes open for TWO TWO Exclusive NFTs on the THEOS platform. It’s going to be a game-changer!

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