TWO TWO Partners With Premium Artist Representative, Maune Contemporary

Maune Contemporary TWO TWO Partnership Banner
Maune Contemporary TWO TWO Partnership Banner

TWO TWO is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Maune Contemporary, a representative of some of the most engaging emerging and blue chip artists

TWO TWO and Maune Contemporary have much in common, including a strong desire to expose talented artists to a global audience. This partnership provides artists with a global platform that enables them to display their artworks both physically and digitally.

As TWO TWO prepares for its grand opening, Maune Contemporary will play an important role by exhibiting its portfolio of artists inside the walls of TWO TWO’s new gallery in Resorts World Las Vegas by Genting.

Maune Contemporary’s contributions significantly support TWO TWO’s vision to bring Extreme Art to a global audience.

About Maune Contemporary

Maune Contemporary represents the extraordinary work of internationally acclaimed artists. It also specializes in art advisory and artist curation.

With the likes of Mr. Brainwash, Halim Flowers and Justin Lyons comprising their portfolio, Maune Contemporary represents some of the most talented artists in the world, making them a creative gold mine of trailblazing talent.

The artists represented by Maune contemporary will benefit from this partnership by having their artworks exhibited in TWO TWO’s innovative, immersive experience gallery in Las Vegas.


With its physical gallery in Resorts World Las Vegas by Genting, TWO TWO is quickly solidifying its position as an authoritative influence in the digital art space.

With its passion for Extreme Art and expertise in NFT distribution, TWO TWO is an innovative partner that provides valuable exposure to the newest and most exciting block chain episode, the NFT space.

TWO TWO Co-founder and artist curator, Stacey Maites, was delighted with news of the partnership saying:

“When I first came across Maune Contemporary and the incredible artists they represent, I immediately saw great potential of working together to exhibit their artworks in our soon-to-open gallery!”

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