Aug 2, 2021

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TWO TWO partners with Sizzle to create the most innovative and interactive NFT experience imaginable

TWO TWO and Sizzle Partnership
TWO TWO and Sizzle Partnership Banner

TWO TWO is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with Sizzle to produce the most innovative and interactive NFT experience for its community.

With extraordinary augmented-reality tools and hands-on gaming integrations, Sizzle is a comprehensive technology marketing platform founded by an advertising powerhouse that has generated over $100 Billion in revenue for its clients.

Sizzle will leverage the alliance to showcase the innovative capabilities of its vast technology suite and its ground-breaking ability to produce highly engaging NFT augmentations.

TWO TWO will utilize Sizzle’s technology to provide meaningful interactivity that boosts the value of NFTs on its platform. This will directly affect the artists and the community they interact with.

Artists will mint their NFTs and interact with the community in imaginative and exciting new ways that both add value to the NFT and enhance the user experience; all for a fraction of the price they pay with Ethereum. In addition, they will have access to a larger market as they showcase their work on the global stage.

Users, on the other hand, will have access to countless games, AR experiences, treasure hunts, and many incredible opportunities to attend private events and win valuable prizes.

With this alliance, TWO TWO aims to expand its influence as the leading disruptor in the digital and physical art space.

TWO TWO. Extreme Art — Art without Boundaries.

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