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TWO TWO and the City have partnered to invigorate the Downtown Arts District. With immersion, interaction, and multiple forms of reality, TWO TWO’s collaborations with some of the world’s finest artists, composers and engineers are representative of the inspiration behind creativity, focusing on the expansion of artistic vision and disrupting the entire industry. Reimagining mediums, TWO TWO transcends all current artist experiences. As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas recognizes the need to exhibit art in a manner that remains relevant to future generations.

“TWO TWO is a perfect partner to help us re-invigorate our Arts District to attain world-class status,” according to the Economic Development Division of the City of Las Vegas. “We look forward to hosting the transformation of the art world happening in our amazing City.”

As the bohemian jewel of downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District is already prominent. An absolute Mecca of food, music, fashion, and of course art, the area is home to the city’s most exciting venues, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and art galleries, serving up the best culture Southern Nevada has to offer. From the hippest bars like ReBar, which is a combination of a bar and antique shop where literally EVERYTHING is for sale, to the most delectable restaurants like Esther’s Kitchen, founded by Michelin five-star chef James Tree, the Arts District is the true cultural hub of Las Vegas. “Everything about the Arts District is independent and free-spirited,” says Trees. “Unlike the big hotels on the strip, where everything fits nicely into a theme, the Arts District is its own entity. That’s what makes it so fun and exciting.”

You can shop for the most vibrant modern and vintage fashions at places like Glam Factory Vintage and Del’la Couture, or enjoy the best theater this side of Broadway at The Cockroach Theater or the Vegas Theater Company. Cocktail lounges like The Velveteen Rabbit and high-brow coffee shops like Makers and Finders are more New York Soho chic than Vegas Strip kitsch, and craft breweries like HUDL Brewing and Able Baker are making names for themselves by churning out the tastiest and most unique craft brews in the country. Popular venues such as Ninja Karaoke offer up a full-throttle Tokyo karaoke experience, with themed rooms that are perfect for hosting your next birthday or business party, while trendy salons like The Atomic Lounge can give you the most stylish classic looks from the 1950s to today.

But of course, what would the Las Vegas Arts District be without the art. You don’t even have to set foot in one of the district’s many remarkable galleries in order to peruse the murals that beautify the walls of almost every building in the area. Whether in search of a limited-edition print, the perfect piece to tie a room together, or the ideal artist to bring a custom commission to life, the Arts District’s galleries are treasures troves for both the casual and serious art lover alike. The Arts Factory is a sprawling converted warehouse that serves as home to the city’s most celebrated local artists’ studios, and Helios Fine Art is another renowned venue known for pushing boundaries and challenging the viewer.

For those seeking vintage collectibles, furniture, knickknacks, and tchotchkes, Retro Vegas is a total time machine of Vegas kitsch, specializing in the best remnants of the bygone era. Still, perhaps the most exciting aspect of this burgeoning Vegas cultural phenomenon is their renowned First Friday events. On the first Friday of every month, the Arts District hosts a huge block party where the city’s best musicians, artists, food vendors, and clothing designers come together to showcase their trend-setting work. It is the best party in town. Although best known as a monthly event, the First Friday Foundation extends its community outreach efforts well beyond the first Friday of each month.

As a non-profit organization, the First Friday Foundation serves to empower local arts, culture, and education through artistic opportunities for thousands of students in the Clark County School District. This directly aligns with TWO TWO’s own mission statement, to connect and enrich the global community through arts and entertainment. As the first immersive art gallery in the district, TWO TWO will become the touchstone from which all future galleries and art will emerge. So forget your tired old Las Vegas strip, and welcome yourself to the city’s best-kept secret, located in the southern downtown within walking distance to Fremont St.

“If you want to learn about history, you could read history books but that’s a single perspective that may be tainted by class or politics,” according to Steven W Meistrich, Co-Founder and CEO of TWO TWO. “In my opinion, if you really want to understand and embrace history, one needs art, music and literature because that represents truth; the heart of a society, a generation, a culture. That understanding, offers a true sense of the meaning of history which is fundamental to the growth of humanity. Art, music and literature are not erudite. They are oxygen and it is incumbent upon us to educate.”

TWO TWO, the City of Las Vegas, partners in Art Without Boundaries.

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