TWO TWO Secures Another Great Partnership with Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital and TWO TWO Partnership Announcement
Magnus Capital and TWO TWO Partnership Announcement

Continuing our investor announcement series, we present Magnus Capital Digital Assets Fund who has been investing in the digital assets space since 2017.

Magnus Capital Digital Assets Fund focuses on investing in early-stage digital assets projects focusing on the decentralized finance ecosystem, which is a perfect match with the aims and objectives of TWO TWO — the latest disruptor in the DeFi and art scene.

Apart from investing in DeFi projects, Magnus Capital advises its clients and portfolio companies on early-stage marketing and growth strategies. Furthermore, by leveraging its extensive network in the digital assets industry, Magnus Capital helps with exchange listings, legal services as well as capital raising.

TWO TWO will benefit from the extensive industry experience and network of connections of Magnus Capital to further our reach and exposure through their growth expertise and new global exchange listings.

“We are thrilled to support TwoTwo as they are tapping into the promising and upcoming world of NFT Art. We believe in the potential of TwoTwo and are excited to work on this collaborative journey.”

— Matthijs van Driel, Founder Magnus Capital

“Few companies understand the requirements of early-stage digital asset companies as well Magnus Capita Having access to their know-how and network will be an asset to TWO TWO.”

— Avron Goss, co-founder TWO TWO

About Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital has been investing in the digital assets space since 2017. We strongly believe that digital assets, and in particular, decentralized finance applications will play a critical role in the digital economies of the future and we seek to invest in and work with the brightest developers and founders who are paving the way for new and innovative financial products. Our current focus is on early-stage projects that are actively developing scalable solutions in the decentralized finance ecosystem.


TWO TWO is the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery. It resides contemporaneously within the convergence of the actual and the virtual. The work of visionary, established and emerging artists, is merged with multi-dimensional technology, to promulgate co-existence with illustrative imagination.

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