TWO TWO Signs With OKEx to List Its Exclusive NFTs on Global Exchange

TWO TWO and OKEx Partnership Banner
TWO TWO and OKEx Partnership Banner

TWO TWO is thrilled to announce an agreement with OkeX to sell exclusive NFTs on the OkeX global exchange platform. This partnership will not only include the listing of TWO TWO NFTs, but also their joint promotion.

As one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, OKEx leverages blockchain technology to offer sophisticated financial services to over 250 million traders around the world. OKEx heavily invests in robust security and innovative financial products that allow traders to pick from a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The alliance with OkeX strongly solidifies TWO TWO’s position as an authoritative and credible influence in the NFT space. As demand for NFTs continues to explode, TWO TWO aims to leverage this new alliance by offering its community a user-friendly exchange with robust security and global reach.

TWO TWO co-founders and DeFi veteran Avron Goss was quite pleased with the agreement stating,

‘As the need for a credible and trustworthy exchange for trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs becomes more essential than ever, TWO TWO’s alliance with OkeX is a commitment to providing its community with the most secure NFT trading experience possible.’

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