Aug 26, 2021

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TWO TWO To Offer Enhanced NFTs Through Partnership with Blockchain Veterans, Squares Capital

TWO TWO SquaresCapital Partnership
TWO TWO Squares Capital Partnership Banner

TWO TWO is proud to announce a new partnership with NFT marketing powerhouse, Squares Capital.

By leveraging Squares Capital’s vast expertise in the NFT space, TWO TWO aims to offer its community professionally animated and augmented NFTs that immensely boost value.

About Squares Capital

Squares Capital is a seasoned blockchain marketing advisory and visual content strategist that has leveraged creative animation and innovative marketing to support some of the most exciting NFT initiatives with outstanding success.

Not only do they have deep insight in marketing top projects in the industry, but they also create some of the most cutting edge NFTs themselves. From visually striking 3D work to highly engaging NFT animations, their creative flair is second to none.


TWO TWO’s deep involvement in the world of NFTs and fiery passion for Extreme Art has cemented its position as a powerful influence in the NFT space.

With its physical art gallery in Resorts World, Las Vegas, TWO TWO offers its partners valuable exposure to some of the world’s greatest extreme artists and the great number of NFT enthusiasts that follow them.

TWO TWO founder and De-Fi veteran Avron Goss had this to say about the partnership,

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