TWO TWO Token Distribution Roadmap

X22 Token Distribution Roadmap Banner
X22 Token Distribution Roadmap
  • We’ve also gone ahead and compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page if you don’t feel like reading through this entire post.
  • Make sure to bookmark this page as we will keep it constantly updated with everything you need to know.

Latest Updates

Resorts World Las Vegas

  • We’ve secured a 5-year lease for a 3,700 square foot space for our gallery in Resorts World, Las Vegas.
  • Designs for the gallery have been finalized.
  • We’re in the final phases of securing permits and are thrilled to get started!
  • We remain on schedule for our galleries’ grand opening in September 2021.

Artists We’ve Secured

  • With the help of our uniquely situated gallery, we’ve secured representation for several established and emerging artists such as Burton Morris, Nick Walker, Mr. Brainwash, Jill Berelowitz, and many more.
  • We’ve gathered a solid, unique collection of Extreme Art that is highly unlikely to be found in any other gallery.
  • We continue to sign incredibly talented artists as our core appeal to Extreme Art fans and collectors grows more and more compelling.

Our ‘Flashback’ Event

  • Through a partnership with the Nelson Brothers (Platinum Record Rock Stars), we’ve secured a collection of never before printed negatives from the iconic 1967 Monterey Pop festival.
  • The collection includes negatives of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, and many others.
  • We’ll be releasing a series of extremely rare 1 of 1 NFTs for 12 unique photos, starting with Jimi Hendrix.
  • If a buyer spends $2 Million, they’ll also obtain the negative.
  • Meanwhile, other negatives will be auctioned as limited edition NFTs and physical prints establishing us as a credible marketplace in the Rock Icon collectibles market.

Our New Binance NFT Partnership

  • We’ve secured a partnership with Binance NFT.
  • They will feature our NFTs on a monthly basis, including promotions on their social media accounts.
  • Our first launch with Binance NFT begins with two 1 of 1 works by Nick Walker on July 28th, followed by the Jimi Hendrix auction.
  • We’re also in talks with Binance to host a joint TWO TWO / Binance PR event at our gallery once it opens, which will serve to boost our partnership.

Platform Development

  • Hosted Nodes that will enable X22 Staking will launch just before listing.
  • Liquidity Provision Rewards will launch shortly after, allowing liquidity providers for X22 tokens on Uniswap and Pancake Swap to mine X22 tokens and NFT drops.
  • Our eCommerce Store is also launching soon, enabling the sale of physical artworks available in the gallery.


  • Despite challenging market conditions, we’re proceeding with our listing.
  • Kindly bear in mind that we’ve decided two months ago to make adjustments to vesting by reducing our market cap at launch from $975k to $715k.
  • Further reductions are not tenable as they would not release sufficient tokens for investors.

X22 Staking

  • X22 staking will be possible on a platform via our website shortly.
  • For those who wish to provide liquidity on Uniswap or Pancake Swap, we will have a liquidity provider reward program beginning shortly.

When Is The Listing?

  • Uniswap — ETH/X22 pair.
  • Pancake Swap — BNB/X22 pair.

Past Updates

What Have We Done So Far?

  • We have completed our seed, private and strategic X22 token sales!
  • We have finalized designs for our glamorous art gallery in Resorts World, Las Vegas with construction scheduled to start soon!
  • We have secured an incredibly talented group of Extreme Artists including icons like Nick Walker and Denis Ouch.
  • We have begun dropping Exclusive, jaw-dropping NFTs!

What’s Coming Next?

  • More NFT airdrops!
  • Our much anticipated Token Generation Event (TGE.)

NFT and X22 Token Airdrops

  • While we have delayed our TGE, the business continues to operate normally.
  • This will be made available to anyone who is whitelisted with us!
  • Winners are chosen randomly!
  • We will continue to do this from time to time.

Special NFT Airdrops for X22 Public Buyers

  • We will randomly distribute NFTs to addresses that participate in the public offering.
  • These are likely to include some higher value NFTs as we want to recognize community members that invest in us.
  • It does not matter how many tokens you buy, everyone will have an equal chance.
  • An announcement of the winners will be made and distribution will occur after the TDE.

Alan Teitel 8000 X22 Giveaway and Viral Match NFT Collection!

  • 1,000 X22 tokens each to the top 3 buyers.
  • 5,000 X22 tokens to be shared amongst buyers who spend at least 0.19 ETH.

X22 Token and the Contract Address

Frequently Asked Questions



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